Spell It Out

Spell It Out

Since we’ve been stuck in lockdown I have been taking the opportunity to go through my collection of books. Despite trying to borrow more physical and read more digitally, I still have a rather ridiculous collection that had only grown over the years. While I have no way of divesting most of the ones I do want to part with, I also had a look over the ones that I want to keep.

As those books – ones I enjoyed, ones I would not let go – piled up as well I started thinking of things I could do with them. Besides shelve them, I mean. Then I thought back to a challenge I had posted on a library facebook: spell out a word using the first letter of each title. I did it with the word alphabet there, but I started to wonder… could I spell my name?

Yes. Yes I could.

  • Changeover, The – Margaret Mahy
  • Ash – Malinda Lo
  • Tender Morsels – Margo Lanagan
  • Howl’s Moving Castle – Diana Wynne Jones
  • Emperor Mage, The – Tamora Pierce
  • Raging Quiet, The – Sherryl Jordan
  • I Am Not Esther – Fleur Beale
  • Night Circus, The – Erin Morgenstern
  • Eternal Kiss, The – Various

For the most part it was easy, even with the idea of trying to include as many New Zealand titles as I could. (Final NZ titles: The Changeover, The Raging Quiet, and I Am Not Esther.) The hardest part was finding not one but two E titles. The second took me forever, and I ended up having to switch out Alanna: The First Adventure for The Emperor Mage and then swap in Ash. That was a good choice and I’m actually pleased to have added it in but it was still annoying to find multiple options for all letters and struggle with the only one I have doubles of.

It was a fun exercise and one I hope to repeat again. Maybe I’ll do it with titles in our elibrary. Or comic books! Or just different words! There’s so many options.