Leaving the Bubble

Leaving the Bubble

In a few short hours New Zealand will be leaving Level 3 and entering Level 2, and that means some of the city’s libraries will be opening in a capacity that is very different from what they were at the start of the year (and some will remain closed).

Like many New Zealanders I’ve spent the last seven weeks at home trying to do as much work there as I can. While a lot of my job is simply not possible to do without a physical library – there is only so much point to shelving my own books when no one else can read them – it’s also given me a chance to grow and do new things.

Over the past seven weeks I have:

  • Started blogging for our teen blog
  • Done extra reading and learning for various tech things we have
  • Read a lot of emails
  • Done training
  • Run code club remotely
  • Learned how to have meetings and access work things from home
  • And a bunch of other stuff

What I am most proud of is helping turn an off-hand suggest regarding Camp NaNoWriMo into an actual online writing group on Discord with a bunch of really cool teens from around the country. Some of them won NaNo, others have new motivation – and all did better than me. There have been wonderful music lessons and beginner’s ancient Greek. We learned how to use the voice chat to hear each other talk – a thing sorely needed inside our small bubbles.

We even had a special voice session with celebrated New Zealand author Elizabeth Knox where questions were asked about world-building, plotting, and more. We all walked away with a whole lot of new things to think about when it came to our writing.

I’m grateful I work in a place and with people that gives me such excellent opportunities to learn and be involved with others. And I’m especially excited to see all of those people tomorrow and get back out there into that face-to-face engagement.

(But still two metres away, because social distancing!)